Competition: Hirschgarten

Invited competition
Competition: Hirschgarten

The historical Hirschgarten (Deer Garden) was the first public park of the town, an open, tree-covered space for promenade and gathering. Since Erfurt has always been strongly influenced by garden movements comprising representative as well than utilitary ideas the Hirschgarten therefore hosts a broad botanical collection.
The new Hirschgarten binds together these different ideas deriving from history and existing park elements condensing them in the new design that now features a simple but generous open space.
A so called ‘common´ understood as a wide open lawn constitutes the major space, its fringe weaves the park into the urban fabric.
The park´s longitudinal orientation is completed with strong edges in the north and south, whereas eastern and western edges interlock with the hard ground of adjacent neighbourhoods. Being park and square in one, the place features a wide open space, designed to being a place for all, a public area for relaxation and gathering, for daily life as well than special festivities. The wide open setting with endless vistas creates a strong link to the surrounding landscape and brings it straight into the city.

09.2007 to 12.2007

City of Erfurt

plattformberlin Architekten (Architecture)