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Georg-Schumann-Street in Leipzig
Experimentational Laboratory

Acting as an arterial road Georg-Schumann-Street currently lacks of stop over amenities. Due to the heavy traffic the street dramatically suffers from an increasing number of vacant buildings that together with derelict sites and neglected open spaces constitutes a radical barrier for urban development. 

It is for this reason that the city of Leipzig developed an integrated action plan ‘Georg-Schumann-Street´, following on from the Integrated City Development Concept (SEKo) Leipzig 2010 putting the emphasis on support of main roads. 

Focuss lies on reorganising the streetscape as well than solving the numerous traffic issues. These problems are to be tackled in view of a broad perspective including the open space with its future uses as well than design and environmental issues. The concept is founded on the idea of a neckless of specific spaces and squares qualifying the whole streetscape.

01.2010 to 12.2010

City of Leipzig, urban planning department

quartier vier, Leipzig
KARO Architekten, Leipzig
STATION C23, Leipzig
complizen planungsbüro, Halle