Application Concept Borna

Application Concept for the city Borna to hold the 7. Saxonian Garden Exhibition
Application Concept Borna

‘Varied Landscapes´
Borna´s specific location in the transition area of two landscape types becomes a feature of unique characteristics. In the north of Borna one can find the former open cast mining landscape of Leipzig´s south.
At present this landscape experiences a striking transformative process from a mining area to a waterlandscape, the so called‘NewLakeLand´. The south of Borna constitutes the ‘Kohrener Land´a farming and horticultural landscape strip. These two landscape types stand for the historical development of the whole region and in particular for the city of Borna. This historically founded double identity appears as ‘Onion-Borna´on the one hand side and ‘Mining town Borna´ on the other hand. The concept for the garden show combines those two cultural, historical and scenic emphases and unites them in the garden show landscape design.

‘Connecting waters´
Water acts as interconnecting element between the different landscapes. The Whyra River links the landscape of the south with the city center and then further north with the former mining area. By walking or cycling along the riverscape one can experience the changing landscape revealing its specific characters. Each landscape type provides distinctive bodies of water: the transition area from Borna to the cultural landscape in the south provides a river meadow and a lake district, in the center of Borna is located the ‘Broad pond´ and the north features the lake reservoir Witznitz.

01.2010 to 12.2010

City of Borna

Application Concept for a State Garden Exhibition in Borna