competition: Parklandschaft Tempelhof

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competition: Parklandschaft Tempelhof

The existing ecological and spacial charachteristics allow the initialized developpment of diverse habitat and landscape types.
Within these areas the zoning in spaces of different use is related to the adjacent neighbourhoods.
The design seeks to maximize the broad central lawn as the protected habitat of the future park and relevant contributor to the urban climate as well as to concentrate areas with higher intensity of usage in the parkloop (inner parkring) and the urban forest-fringe (outer parkring). In the other areas of the park the existing natural features are furtherly developed to diverse complex habitats as well then open space with varied uses for the direct neighbours.
The parkloop is a dynamic element whose zoning and spacial form differentiates and condenses over time. It can respond to local conditions but is also able to adapt to changing circumstances and needs as well than future requirements towards open space.
The Parkloop combines the creation of an urban large scaleparklandscape with the development of valuable natural habitats. The zoning for park uses overlay with habitatzones and creates a multifaceted parklandscape with diverse sceneries.

01.2010 to 12.2010

Senate Administration for Urban Development