Competition: Retie

invited peer review procedure (Vlaams Bouwmeester) - Master- & visual quality plan for Retie
Competition: Retie

The project for Reite is presented in three primary chapters: Evolution of the Landscape, Reconfiguring the Region of Groot Retie, Requalification of the Urban Core. 

Evolution of the Landscape
An analysis of the shifting relation between landscape, infrastructure and urbanization is necessary in order to understand the context-specific logics of the territory. Understanding the region’s historical evolution allows for the projection into the future – to redefine the relationships in lieu of contemporary concerning, while at the same time, relating to the strong identity of the region and Retie.

Reconfiguring the Region of Groot Retie
At the scale of the Region of Groot Retie, the visual quality plan has a double aim: to make legible the logic of the landscape and to restore natural ecologies. A series of proposals are developed which accentuate the wetland landscape of the Nete River and the plains of dry Campine heath.  

Requalification of the Urban Core
The image quality plan for Retie is dependent upon the strategies for reconfiguring the Region of Groot Retie. The design of the public realm is tied to the larger logics of the landscape and a new mobility hierarchy.

04.2009 to 12.2009

Vlaams Bouwmeester in coorperation with the municipality of Retie

OSA (Onderzoeksgroep Stedelijkheid en Architectuur), KU Leuven, Prof. Dr. Kelly Shannon, Janina Gosseye

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