3rd Price: Masterplan Bundesarchiv Berlin

Limited interdisciplinary competition for landscape architects and architects as well as urban designers.
3rd Price: Masterplan Bundesarchiv Berlin

The contestants of this urban-design and landscape competiton are required to develop a sustainable concept for the new as well than existing buildings and aditionally design the surrounding open space of the archive including suggestions to construction phasings.
Proposals should consider solutions for access and integration of adjacent infrastructure as well than defining a position how to deal with the historical heritage and rainwater management.

The proposal for the area of the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives) located in Berlin-Lichtenfelde seeks to developed a ‘forest-campus´ out of the precious stock of ancient trees.
The site is devided into three areas: the northern part forms a public space between Finckensteinallee and the institutional buildings, in the middle is located a brace with administration and visitor areas and in the south the stack buildings. These three areas are from north to south defined as public space, semi-public and private space.
Based on these three areas the following stripes are pursued: the public Campus stripe, the semipublic Archive stripe and the private Forest stripe. The entire northern area is defined as one continuous Campus incorporating the public buildings and space for the visitor flow to the archive.

01.2009 to 12.2009

BBR (Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung)