Honorable mention: Technikumplatz Mittweida

Limited competition for realization including preliminary selection process
Honorable mention: Technikumplatz Mittweida

The Technikum Square in Mittweida constitutes the connection between university and the old town. The design aims to transform it into a green communication and information-platform for visiting and local students, the academic staff as well as for the citizens of the neighbourhood and the whole city.

The exceptional topography, now dividing the lower old town from the university on the hilltop, is slightly manipulated in a way to create a generous terraced square with stop-over facilities in form of set-back seating-steps allowing to use the whole space.
The design strengthened the qualities of the different square-fringes and their surface materials adapt to each situation. (Way to the University, urban square, event space and Seating-terraces)

01.2009 to 12.2009

City of Mittweida

Prof. Ronald Scherzer-Heidenberger, Leipzig (urban design)